Motorcycle Trip: China to Africa

Hey guys! This is Jieming, and this is a blog about my motorcycle trip from China to Africa. More accurately, it's about the part of the trip from Europe down and around Africa. I've also put in some information under the "Prep" section to help others start a trip like this.


I started this trip on June 6, 2015 with my best friend Nate Brown. We left from Shanghai on our Yamahas (his 125cc and my 250cc) and after 6 months of driving through gorgeous landscapes and meeting wonderful people (blog here), we parted ways in London in December, 2015. I stayed in Paris over the winter to pick up a bit of French before continuing down south.

Tentative Route

At the moment (Feb '16). Nate has gone back to the US, so I will be doing the Africa leg on my own. I'll head south and cross the Strait of Gibraltar into Morocco, and then go down the west coast of Africa until I reach South Africa. This route is very tentative, because if there's anything I've learned so far from traveling from China, it's that there's no point planning too far ahead. I have a general idea of what I will do up until Angola, and then I just have places I want to visit but no clear path yet. 


If you know anyone who would be interested in meeting up, please send me a message in the Contact section! I'd love to make new friends.